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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 15 Oct 2003 EMAIL
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Skate Report Wed 15 Oct 2003

It was raining sporadically all around Sydney and a few hardy souls came out to skate the damp streets of Sydney.

After Dee decided to go drinking instead of skating with her mates (on reflection is that why you went Dee?) there were only 5 of us left. Deciding we shoud keep to the Streets and close to the car in case of any huge downpours we took off to Hyde Park and the rough wet paths of the Northern part where we decided to skate Castlereagh St to Central. Down Castlereagh St was pretty dry & fun but the bottom looked wet so we turned up Goulburn St and down Wentworth Ave for a quick look at the Motor Bikes.

We then ventured around the corner to the bobsled run and expected it to be wet but we got a couple of good dry runs through here. Latasha was running late & she rang to find out where we were and we arranged to meet at Central Railway (without agreeing which entrance). So we skated down Eddy Ave and rode the escelators up to the Country Train Entrance where we found her waiting for us. Roland skated inside on the nice polished floors and we all felt we could take this shortcut through to the Central Tunnel. About halfway through I heard a shout to stop and loked back to see a big mound of human flesh running after us wobbling everywhere. Taking this all in I realised that even if I did stop she couldn't have reached me before she collapsed so I continued on out the doors past 2 security guards who were having a quiet ciggie and weren't even interested in us. As we passed the door to the reservations area another railway worker in his fluro vest came out and started to shout "why don't you stop & take the fine?". That was exactly what we were thinking. We then passed anothe 2 police walking along the light rail tracks and another 2 railway police doind some shady deal in the shadows but none of them were interested in us.

We then skated up Pitt St to try & get some of Central Tunnel and Bill crossed the road instead of coming down the ramp into the tunnel. We met him at the end of the tunnel and skated down to Harris St where we decided to skate through Darling Harbour Car Park. Nearly all the way down here we came across a security guard in his Golf Buggy parked across the ramp to try & stop us, so at the bottom we decided it wasn't really a good idea to have another run.

We then skated over to the Entertainment Centre where the rain drops were trying to fall so we headed across to George St and skated up to Town Hall. The rain was now getting stronger and we decided to call it a night so we skated up through Hyde Park and back to our cars.

Everyone who turned up tonight had a pretty good skate and maybe because there were so few of us tonight the Security thought they could gang up on us. Oh well.

Hope to see more of you out there in the coming weeks as there are only 2 more Wednesday nights before The BIGGEST City Skate - EVER!

Keep skating.
Phil A

Don't forget Friday Night Sydney Skate for an easy City Skate experience.

Get Ready for the
3rd Annual
Biggest City Skate EVER !

Wednesday 5 Nov 2003 is the date to put into your diaries and get your friends revved up ready to go. Don't forget to make sure all your gear is working before the night.

Lets see if we can get a bigger turn out than last
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