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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 10 Sep 2003 OK, so I can't lead but I knew where I wanted us to go.

Bill & I were veerrry late and expected to have to catch up with everyone but there you all were standing around waiting (well some did do the Mrs Macquaries Chair run). We had a few new skaters join us tonight and I think they were being a little over keen turning up without brakes and little protective gear. Sorry you missed last weeks Virgin Night and hope you still had a good time & want to come back to skate with us again.

With a Route in mind and no one else putting their hand up we were just about to take off into Hyde Park when someone suggested we could go down St Marys Rd and back up Cathedral St to the steps to College St. This was my first mistake. A whole pile of skaters just took off and skated straight to the bottom rather than turning up to the steps, as we were told, so we had to wait around until we all regrouped (which seemed to be a bit of a theme for tonight). As we skated up to Hyde Park we were nearly run over by a group of guys on bikes riding down the steps. It was such a buzz we had to hang around and watch them do it again. Did I say ride down the steps ? because these guys didn't even land before the first landing!

With the excitement over it was time to hit the pavement again up through Hyde Park and we didn't even get to do a zig zag like David does. At the top we crossed the road for a quick Photo opportunity at No1 Oxford St before we turned down Wentworth St and down the little Wemyss Lane to the Sydney Police Centre. Stopping at the bottom I waved the skaters through the clear intersection and then followed up the road to try & get back to the front. Losing sight of the skaters up the front I thought they had continued up to Bourke St but getting up to the top I found I was on my own. Knowing that we were heading for Foveaux St I continued straight there & found that Mark & some others were on their 3rd run down Foveaux. With a word of warning about the hill to those without brakes we set off to the bottom and regrouped.

Everyone wanted to stop & skate through Central Tunnel but it went in a different direction to what was planned so we skated straight past & into Prince Alfred Park. Along the path through the park & across Cleveland St to Redfern. Here were some nice smooth roads leading us past the Railway Station (& the Block - no NOT that one) to the Seymour Centre car park. Wow, 7 floors and a working lift. We must have had about 6 runs through here before we had to move ever onward.

Up to City Rd and across into Victoria Park where we skated along some more of those rough park paths up to Parramatta Rd. We crossed the road and then moved into the back streets of Glebe and made our way to the Glebe Point Rd intersection where a break in the traffic gave us a pretty good run down Pyrmont Bridge Rd and up to Harris St. Here Sean tried to talk us into going under the expressway & up to the steps at the top of John St but looking forward to walking up the wooden steps we left him to go our own way. Next time Sean it looked pretty good your way.

At the top of the Casino Hill we were in time to see Sean & Mark flash by as they took off down the Casino run. So we all followed. At the bottom I was just about to go back up the stairs when Bill pulled the pin and said he had to go home so back to Pyrmont Bridge we went. By this time we were so spread out you wouldn't have been able to count how many were left and as we skated up to find the Bridge closed for maintenance work we saw a group skate around through Darling Harbour so after getting told ourselves about the closure we followed and continued straight back to the car.

Sorry we didn't get to catch up for a quick drink tonight and sorry for letting the group get so fragmented. I won't try to lead again. Hope you still had a different & fun skate anyway.

See you next week.

Keep skating
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