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Phil A
Virgin Skate Report Wed 3 Sep 2003 On the first Virgin Skate for Spring we had a smallish group of about 30 rolled up. Bill took the lead again and after what seemed like ages standing aroundchatting at the Second Meeting Place (NOT!) we took off around the back of the Domain along Hospital Rd.

We then skated back to the Palace Gates to pick up anyone who might have been left behind and went straight through to that marvellous smooth path at the Conservatorium of Music. From here it was down to the path above the Opera House and then around the loop back to Circular Quay.

I am a bit unsure where we went from here but we wound our way around to Wynyard & No1 York St where we went through the pedestrian tunnel to Kent St. Those brave enough to wait for the lights did while the others continued on down the hill. At the bottom we skated around King St Wharf past the Cargo Bar & back to Pyrmont Bridge. From there we skated down to the Powerhouse Museum Cark Park & got a couple of runs in before the Security in their Golf Buggies shooed us out of there.

By now our little group was getting smaller as Bill decided he was going to lead tonight instead of standing around chatting so there were very few stops (well from my point of view at the back anyway).

From here we skated back up to the QVB and back down through the City to the Opera House. So what were we doing back here you think ? So did I and slowly followed even stopping to watch a round of the Pug Anthony before I got a phone call to meet at the Opera house Car Park !

Wow! after 13 years skating in the City we had never ventured through here as we thought of all the serious consequences of getting trapped at the bottom. That never eventuated and after a great fast run down 6 levels of a donut shape we were all grinning for ear to ear as we caught the lift back to the top without any of the obiqutious Security in sight. As we got out of the lift we had to push against the incoming tide of Opera goers who looked at us with some sort of trepidation (but we know who had the best fun).

I was so impressed we had to take a photo of the bunch of Conquerors at the pay station before we hotfooted it out of there. I guess that's another year or so before we venture back there again. My Heroes.

Everything seemed quiet after this great experience and we all stood around at the Gelatissimo with beaming smiles before we went on our merry ways home for the night.

What a great skate Bill. Even though I thought it was a bit quick for a Virgin Skate everyone kept up (until they wanted to go home) and thought it was a great skate. Didn't we break some ground tonight ? FANTISTIC.

A big welcome to those who had their first City Skate with us tonight. We hope you enjoyed yourselves & come back soon. At least you know if you were able to keep up tonight you can make it on any City Skate.

That's it until next week. Hope to see you all then and don't forget we are gearing up for the 3rd Annual Biggest City Skate - EVER!

Keep skating
Phil A

Get Ready for the
3rd Annual
Biggest City Skate EVER !

Wednesday 5 Nov 2003 is the date to put into your diaries and get your friends revved up ready to go. Don't forget to make sure all your gear is working before the night.

Lets see if we can get a bigger turn out than last year (151 skaters). Maybe we can get over 200 this year. It should be a cinch if we can get 75 for a normal Virgin Skate.

To all of you who used to come into the City regularly for a City Skate now is the time to check your gear and come along to say hello to your skating mates. We would really love to see you there.

As with all Virgin Ni
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