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Phil A
Virgin Skate Report Wed 6 Aug 2003 Just on 9:00pm and everyone left the Palace Gates to skate up to the Second Meeting Place (NOT) where the stragglers were picked up.

David was not here tonight so Bill took the mantle of Leader in his shiny new reflector jacket (everyone looked professional in their new Sydney Freeskate Jackets). We skated down to the Art Gallery through the Domain where we had a couple of loops of the park to sharpen those braking skills.

We then left the Park and skated back through the, very dark, Domain and back up to Macquarie St and back down to the Palace Gates just to make sure there weren't any angry skaters left behind. Down the smooth path to the Conservatorium of Music where most practised their ski turns ready for that white stuff and then across the road to the path leading up to the Cahill Expressway viewing platform. Without even stopping here we continued straight up to the Harbour Bridge and then across to Kirribilli.

At the Northern end of the Bridge the option was for a quick run down to Luna Park or a refreshing drink stop. Feeling the need for a quick run Mark & I set off down the hill to scare the pants off each other at that sharp turn at the bottom (turn or swim!). I opted for the long walk up the grass while Mark skated up the hill (& waited for me at the top. Thanks Mark.). We met everyone still loitering around the shop and after everyone had been served made it back to the Bridge and the Bike path. Those bikes are sure quiet as they sneak up on you. You would think they could ring a bell or something.

After collecting the stragglers at the middle (me) we were moved on by the Security who told us it was against the law to stop & congregate in the middle of the Bridge(that sounds like a new one, maybe he just made that up!). After the quick run off down the ramp Bill asked everyone if they wanted to head back into the City or take the Ski Hill and the more vocal won the toss as we took off down through the bus terminus and down Dalgety Rd to the bottom. Being one of the first to the bottom ensures you can get another run in before everyone joins up at the bottom.

There was a quick explore through the paths of the newly opened residential wharves at Millers Point and then we skated around to the Sydney Theatre Company wharf for an even more spectacular view of Sydney Harbour. Everyone was expecting a run back around under the bridge to the Quay and were surprised when Bill cut off to the steps back up to Lower Fort St where we were able to join onto George St for a run back through the Rocks. We then skated through Circular Quay where everyone (it seemed) stopped for an ice cream at the new Gelatissimo.

Still not satisfied we had had a full skate we started off back towards the Cargo Bar through the laneway past The Basement and then up along Pitt St. By now a lot of skaters were calling it a night and dropping off to make their own way back while a hardy few continued to the pub. AND IT WAS SHUT!

It must have been an early night for the workers in the Cargo Bar tonight or where we just too late? The upstairs bar was open offering Fine Cigars & Cocktails so we rolled into the unnatural atmosphere of Cigar Smoke, red lights and thick carpet just for a quick thirst quencher before the smoke took over. Then it was back to the cars.

Thanks for the great skate Bill it was certainly different. Maybe if we move off from the Second Meeting Place (NOT) a bit earlier we might be able to sit outside in the nice fresh night air next time.

Well I had a great skate and it seems lately that with hospital, weather & skiing a good skate is hard to find (or something like that) so I am looking forward to some more regular skates. I hope to catch up with some of you used-to-be-regular-skaters on some of these skates soon. So get off your butts, rotate your wheels, clean your bearings and get out here.

Till next time, Have FUN, S
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