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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 21 May 2003 After 6 weeks off I was really looking forward to getting back on my skates and having a roll around Sydney. But quiet and steady was what I had in mind and David had something totally different in his.

After a bit of a stall hanging around at the second meeting place (NOT) David took of with his usual shout of "Lets go People" as we all followed like the good skaters we are. Asking around where we were off to tonight I found out David had Northbridge in mind. Now I hadn't been on a skate to there before but in my mind all I could see was uphill all the way, and I wasn't too wrong. I must say though it was a great skate & I had a good time (but more of that later).

We skated down to Martin Place and with no hanging around went straight up to York St and through to the Bridge. We went over on the Bike track and then up through Milsons Point to North Sydney. This was one of the first places I got separated from the group and I finally caught up on the uphill of Pacific Highway. Thinking we were going to pull off near the top at West St I was shattered to see everyone continuing on to Crows Nest. I think it was about here that skaters were peeling off and making their own way back as they could sense a big uphill push coming (and they were not wrong).

So it was up to Crows Nest and then Willoughby Rd where we had a bit of a rest with a downhill run. We crossed the Freeway and zigged around some backstreets that got me totally confused until we popped back out at Sailors Bay Rd which took us across to Northbridge.

We all regrouped here (well, those who were left) as David warned us of the run down to the suspension bridge. I hadn't done this run before and was really looking forward to this run. With David's warning of the road merging into 1 lane and no run off to the path we watched for a break in the traffic before we took off down Strathallen Ave (bet you didn't know that one!) towards Cammeray. At the bottom we took off up a set of stairs that got us to Cammeray without having to push too hard up the hill. Over the freeway and then down some very dark backstreets behind Anzac Park before we had the hard uphill push to Neutral Bay. It was about here that I started to check I had my cab fare in my pocket but the run down Ben Boyd Rd (which I hoped was where they were heading) beckoned.

At the top of Ben Boyd Rd David once again made sure that those who hadn't skated this run before were aware of the bends and the lights at the bottom. We all seemed to reach the bottom with no casualties and while waiting for the lights got hit by the sonic boom of Mark and Sean racing through for their quick run down Kurraba Rd. Back up the hill to Kirribilli my legs were cramping severely and I had to kneel down & pray to the snow gods (this usually only happens to me on my first day skiing) many times before I could get going again. I straggled back over the bridge and caught up to everyone just as they finished their rest and we all took off down the ski hill to Hickson Rd. Here there was much debate as to where we were going to finish the night with many opting to pull the pin here, others going for one more run before the Pub and many of us decided we could just catch the end of the Midnight Ski sale at Inski. With the ski season just around the corner and Warren Millers Ski movie on next week who could resist.

Well its great to be back on my little wheels and I really enjoyed catching up with you all after my enforced break. The hard skate I wasn't looking forward to was a great skate (it's just those hills I find off putting) and it was good to cover some "unventured" territory. I really enjoyed some of those new downhills and the old ones we don't get to do too often.

I hope you guys who came along to a City Skate for the first time had a good time. You sure picked a good one for your first.

Hope to see you all next week.

Keep skating.
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