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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 26 Mar 2003 Everyone gathered around the second meeting place (NOT) and waited for someone to make a move.

After last weeks horrific crash there was a smaller group than usual and it seemed that no one was keen to take the lead. We stood around for hours (well, about 20mins) before Will became insistent we move on but no one was volunteering to lead so on my first night back from hols I took the mantle. I still don't know why we have to stand around for so long before we take off. If you are meeting Bill for some skates please get there earlier than Bill so you can get ready quickly and be ready to take off with the group.

With Will's comments that a City Skate should go through Kings Cross (and other whispers that whenever Phil A leads we go to NSW Uni) I set off for a run down to Mrs Macquaries Chair. This got everyone moving and it wasn't long before we raced past the Paddy Wagon in the middle of the park. We didn't skate the grass hill tonight but turned around and skated back to the park beside the Art Gallery where those who raced ahead had to be called back because we were pulling off the road and going across the rooftops to Woolloomooloo. I stopped for a quick stair ride as everyone kept on to Harrys Cafe de Wheels. No time to stop for a pie tonight (Annalee wasn't here) as we kept on to the gates of Garden Island. A few started up the hill towards the Cross but the stairs seemed easier to me. With little break at the top of the stairs we continued straight on to the Alamein Fountain where no one would pose for a group photo so as soon as the lights changed we took off along Darlinghurst Rd to the top of William St.

Now I know why David gets so frustrated. So many took off assuming we were going straight up to St Vincents Hospital but had to be called back as I had another devious route in mind. At the top of William St, with last weeks crash in mind, I tried to let everyone know about the obstacles down this rarely travelled route (by us anyway) but no one was listening preferring to watch the old blokes 40th birthday strip. Please bear in mind that if someone wants to let you know of any problems that may be on a run it would be wise to listen rather than join Hugh & Bradley in hospital.

It is a little tricky down here as we run parallel to William St down Craigend St, over a median strip, across a one way St, down Premier Lane then St Peters Lane. It was a pretty fast run down these nearly deserted back lanes onto Bourke St. Here we went the hard slog up Bourke St to Taylor Square where we were able to stop for a drink. I think we did earn it.

From here we skated down Bourke St to the top of Foveaux St where a pile of skaters took off in front of a few Taxis. You guys were lucky to get out of that. At the bottom a few decided that they needed another of those runs so they pushed back up the hill while the rest of us took off to Central Tunnel. As I waited for the stairs to clear Johnny called out that the security were there and everyone took off through the tunnel. Except me and a couple of others who were waiting for a stair ride. I decided I would go that way anyway and crashed on the landing right in front of the Security and had to stand there for my lecture before being allowed to continue with the promise we wouldn't come this way again (but I was just following the rest Sir. Please can I go now?).

I had to forgo the stair ride in the Plaza but the escalator & ramp ride in the middle was too hard to pass up. After a quick jump over the yellow dots at the end we joined the rest of the group and took of towards the Darling Harbour car park (no, not tonight they still remember the broken glass panel) where we went through the overpass to Harris St and crossed for the quiet backstreet of Bulwarra Rd. Everyone was very disappointed that the old wooden stairs were blocked off for maintenance which meant we had to skate up to and along Harris St. As we got to Jo
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