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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 12 Feb 2003 It was a warm & humid night in Sydney tonight just right for a big skate to see all the nautical toys in the harbour.

After a long wait while everyone got their skates & themselves sorted out we finally got under way with the intention of seeing the QE2 at Circular Quay and Greg Normans new $70 million boat at Rozelle. It was also great to see the triumphant return of Bradley, Georg, Roland & others.

We skated off to Circular Quay and took in the fast run around the State Office Block and down Young St to the Quay. Straight around here to the International Terminal where the immense black form of the QE2 bobbed in the background. After a quick photo at the pointy end we were off again around past the Park Hyatt to the bottom of the ski hill. I think I got 3 runs in here before David took off along the FLAT once again.

After a couple of stair rides at King St wharf we were off again over Pyrmont Bridge up to Harris St then down the ramp to the Anzac Bridge. I got here near the end and couldn't believe that we weren't going to do the hill down Jones & Bowman Sts to the bridge ramp so I gathered a few of the stragglers and we hit the hill with gusto. When we got to the bottom we thought we were still way behind so started up the ramp to try & catch up. Halfway up the ramp we looked over the rail to see everyone just getting to the ramp so our detour must have been pretty quick.

Anzac Bridge has always been a bit of a struggle and by the time we reached the middle I think everyone was ready for a rest. David explained to us all that we needed to turn hard at the end and not to go straight off the bridge. We ran around under the bridge and then into the Wharf at Rozelle Bay where we were all amazed at the opulence of a $70 Million toy tied to the wharf (and fenced off so we could only admire from a discreet distance). The bell of David then rang out and off we went again in pursuit of better fun and that was a skate down Pyrmont Bridge Rd from Glebe.

First we had to get to Glebe Point Rd so we went around the foreshore and through Rozelle Bay Bicentennial Park and then climbed the hill of Glebe Point Rd. At the top we waited until a break in the traffic enabled us to hit the street quickly and didn't reform until we got back to the Fish Markets. From here it wasn't far to Harris St where we lined up for some quick runs down the Casino Hill. I was able to get 3 runs in here tonight before a nice cool drink beckoned so off to the Cargo Bar we followed.

Rolling into the Bar I thought we were the last by far until a small bunch of stragglers arrived and told us their tale of missing the bunch from Rozelle Bay and skating up to Leichhardt and back to the pub along Parramatta Rd. Bad luck guys. Next time don't lead any others astray too. Sorry you missed the fun runs of Pyrmont Bridge Rd & the Casino Hill.

Next week David has called for a Chatswood Skate so everyone will need to get to the Palace Gates at 8:45pm to make sure we get the 9:04 Train to Chatswood.

I hope you all had a good night. That makes a few good hard runs we've had in the last few weeks. Thanks David.

See you all at Chatswood.
Keep skating
Phil A

Friday Night Sydney Skate
Don't forget Friday Nights "Friday Night Sydney Skate" is held every Friday Night and is growing with lots of keen skaters.
Meet at Circular Quay near the Manly Ferry exit. Meet at 8:00pm and skate until 10:00pm.

This skate is a social skate and entry level to the usual Sydney Bladers Virgin Skate so if you are unsure how well you can skate, or stop, this will be the skate to go & practice before you venture out on a Sydney Bladers City Skate.

For further information please email Bill at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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