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Johnny be good Meyer
Skate report for uploaded images of a skate in the South of France in the antique city of Avignon and then onto the black forest of Strasbourg, (Got a bit of snow in my bearings!!) Baden Baden then Munchin to end up on the highest mountain in Germany Zugs Just a few weeks ago in a little place in the south of France, Orange I was fortunate to be with the beautiful, one and only.....................Monique Terzian!

This stunning woman was hard to keep up with but her daughter Isabelle, Jacque her father, and myself did our best!

We had travelled from Orange to Avignon for the famous city and sometimes country skate.

Utterly organised by the many 'securite Avignon en roller, that is the organisers, and those in the group, getting together for a fancy bright fluorescent yellow come green with reflectors and big grins!

They went in front, behind and along side, with space for them especially left, so that they could fly up and down the length of the group...about 200 skaters...ok well maybe 100! Oh all right say 50 but they were lovely people and great skaters, although the conversations were a bit boring....."coment ca va bien,"................... coment ca va bien.................................. coment ca va bien.................................. coment ca va bien, and once I had a great conversation with this guy...Q'est-ce-que tu'aime faire du roller?? Oui j'aime faire du roller !!

Anyway we has a great skate and I was also fortunate to recognise many that I had previously met in July of 2002 City skate in Avignon. They somehow...I don't know how!! recognised me and Isabelle they knew.

So off we went in the cold of the night,...its winter there of course, and had a wonderful night. The stars were shining the moon was rising, there was some really good French music in the back ground.....I knew a few French songs myself, like Michelle my bell etc I'm not ignorant you know!!

We went through the entire city of Avignon.. almost..... with its beautiful, castle like, stone wall encircling the entire city!! Then along the railway in the dark, guided only by the light of the fluorescent, yellow come green with reflectors, securite: Avignon du roller in front, beside and behind us!!

What was amazing was that Monique and Jacque had only been skating a short time and now were flying, unstoppable, stubborn and strong willed!!!!!! Monique was always at the front.

We were very lucky to get this skate in, as only one week later my prayers were answered.... it started snowing......

That then turned us indoors and we joined a very good friend of ours ‘David ‘ whom taught the citizens of Avignon how to skate in a basket ball interior court! In the car park Isabelle practiced her hand brake slides in the snow and then Avignon was gone as we were heading for greener pastures…well pastures covered in very white pristine and very very dry beautiful snow!

So off we went by train to Germany through snow covered fields and wineries, to Baden Baden and Strasbourg, where we slipped down throught the black forrests on big fat slippery truck inner tubes (bought by a good friend Michel my belle, and yes you know who you are!!) (I just had an image of a big toe in someones' mouth but I don’t know where that came from!!) We then headed further into Germany to Munich and then onto the Zugspitzer at 9000 foot!! Oh there it is! I keep talking in feet but then metres is good, so it was 300 metres (I’m not stupid either eh??) Isabelle and I managed to burst one of the tubes on a black forest tree branch!!

Anyway it was very memorable and the food was very memorable but the best part was seeing my beautiful Isabelle whom is really my Bell!

I have a lot of people to thank ………Monique , Jacque, Mamee, Isabelle, Celine, Christophe, Michel and Sonia, Elfride and Ebberhaart, Christophe and Isabelle, Beatrice and Henner…..and the list goes on and on and on so I will keep going, Gizelle and Michel, Luciette and Jean Jean, Irene and Laurent, Giom and David and on and o
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