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Barb Vertucci
Extra Virgin Skate Fri 24 Jan 2003 Here is a little blurb about last Friday night's skate.

Friday Night Skate is taking off with a vengeance.
Ably led by Mandy (ex London Skate) and Bill with whistle in mouth, 26 of us headed round a scenic route that took us from Circular Quay round the Harbour front along Cockle Bay and to the back of Darling Harbour. We skirted the fringe of the colourful China Town, through beautifully lit Hyde Park then stopped to look at the fish holograms in Martin Place. We finished with a loop around the Opera House and a cruise through the cafes filled with people wishing they were on skates. Youngest skater Troy at only 6 was amazing, skating in the pack the whole time. Only casualties were a snapped acrylic fingernail (apparently to be superglued back on) and a set of bleeding elbows (pads are a must).

Surprise of the night was an elderly gentleman bearing his butt at us from an upper floor balcony when we were gathered in Macquarie Street with no provocation!

Great time and perfect for beginner to intermediate skaters.
Barb Vertucci

Friday Night "Extra Virgin Skate"
Don't forget Friday Nights "Extra Virgin Skate" it is held every Friday Night.
Meet at Circular Quay near the Manly Ferry exit. Meet at 8:00pm and skate until 10:00pm.

This skate is a social skate and entry level to the usual Sydney Bladers Virgin Skate so if you are unsure how well you can skate, or stop, this will be the skate to go & practice before you venture out on a Sydney Bladers City Skate.

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