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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 22 Jan 2003 With the Country in the worst drought in memory it seems to have rained on most Wednesdays so that must be why not many ventured out for a skate tonight.

There were 17 skaters who came out for a play tonight and didn't we have fun. We started out towards the Cahill Expressway overpass and thought the easiest way was to skate up to York St and then go up the stairs to the top. As we were nearly going straight past Wynyard it was hard to pass up a quick run through here and this early in the night there were lots of other people in there too.

We stopped at the aap building and Shannon gave us a quick demo of a 360 over the stairs (see video in Images) and then we were off to the Bridge. There was some talk of going over to Nth Sydney but the rain was not far off so we thought it best to keep close to the car escape route. At the top of the Cahill Expressway it was explained how rough the run was and then the race to be first down was on. This is a really skinny run so if you were in front you had to keep a good pace up because everyone is right up your clacker and there's no room for error.

After this run we skated straight onto the Opera House path and had a loop around the foreshore. I must mention here that if you are skating through people without skates on you MUST miss them and not use them to hold yourself up as I saw someone do tonight. We skated through the Quay around to the Rocks and David took us straight up George St. At the top we walked up the steps to Observatory Hill and then had a couple of runs down the ski hill. I chickened out on my first run and braked for the corner but was much more at ease on my second run.

After a bit of discussion as to whether we would walk the steps and skate Kent St or stay low and skate Sussex St we skated the flat (or was that slightly uphill) around to King St Wharf where we stopped for our first drink stop. After a quick refreshment we skated to the steps at the Cargo Bar and I had a bit of catching up to do.

It was a great night and a shame many of you thought you would stay at home in the warm & dry lounge instead of coming for a skate. It didn't rain on us at all and those who did come out had a fun night.

Hope to see you all next Wed.
Keep skating
Phil A

Friday Night "Extra Virgin Skate"
Don't forget Friday Nights "Extra Virgin Skate" it is held every Friday Night.
Meet at Circular Quay near the Manly Ferry exit. Meet at 8:00pm and skate until 10:00pm.

This skate is a social skate and entry level to the usual Sydney Bladers Virgin Skate so if you are unsure how well you can skate, or stop, this will be the skate to go & practice before you venture out on a Sydney Bladers City Skate.

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