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Johnny be good Meyer
Great last skate before Christmas in this Great Southern Land
Wed 18 Dec 2002
Well I am now writing this report from a little place called Orange in The south of France. I am with Isabelle Terzian (yes the French girl who skated with us for over a year and was wanted on 10 counts of something!) She says hi to everyone! My first report was not really about the skate so I can understand why the skate propaganda comittee did not put it up. But that was really because I had a time deadline and was unable to complete the report, jumping on a plane to fly to another world.............................France!

Well I cannot remember what I started writing so I will just start with the skate.

We all arrived at the meeting place to be ready for yet another skate in the city of Sydney and lo and behold we ended up waiting around! I had not been on a skate for some time due to my knee reconstruction. I was lucky though, because even though I was out of action I was able to add an extension to the existing plan for no extra cost!! I was quite chumped as my knee was really not ready for a normal skate ie a fast skate, and therefore the fact that everyone went slowly is a credit to the people who skate on the Wednesday night skate and to the calibre of the skating individual. >They were taking it easy and I was able to skate the whole evening instead of my planned hour!

We headed up to the second meeting place and met up with Bill, Phil A and Will. We headed off through Hyde park and up through Oxford Street. We relocated at the top and went through to the next section. From here we made our way successfully up and through the area that we normally go through and then down and then up again!! Interestingly we then made our way again back through the area that is west of the previous area and then back up again near that other spot near the previous next section!! It was awesome and the sites so interesting. After all that we finally arrived at the top of the ski run that we had just gone through backwards and then re run it but with flare! It was just fantastic!
Finally the skate was nearing an end that I personally thought would end earlier but not for the skate as a whole but just for the individual that being me! I was amazed at how little my knee had swollen and this encouraged me more to take my skates to France. Thanks guys and girls. It was also a test of character and integrity as I had gone the whole night without a jump or a trick which if you know me is damned near impossible but somehow magic happened and I thought at that moment how much money the bumber stick would have made some jerk who had never even skated before!

I had my farewell drinks with everyone, and would especially like to thank Bill, Phil A and Will, Chris, Phil T and Anna Lisa, Karl Marx and Lennin, and the few new faces.

Bill I will go riding with you when I get back and I hope everyone had a wonderful skate and an awesome Christmas. I said a little prayer for each and every one of you because every sperm is sacred!

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