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Johnny be good Meyer
Skate before Christmas!!!A skate that will go down in history as one of the slowest advanced but best Christmas skates sin history. No we did not get up to any mischief but we did get down to a little!! We began in an unbelieveable sense of moody meloncholy mustard type gassis of slowness. Why you might ask????? Well tonight was an advanced skate but not much did anyone know that they were gonna tone it down for the now crippled and disabled ex Ski jumper, Johnny Be Good Meyer!!! He unfortunately ruptured his cruciate liagament in a ski jumping accident...a koala bear jumped out of a tree in the kosciosco main range and scared a wombat that ran out into the ski trail right in front of Johnny be good Meyer tripped him up....and twisted his knee to the extent that he completely ripped his anterior cruciate liagament into two, mulched his cartelage into two..........hundred pieces and ripped or you might say delaminated the end of the femoral bone in his left thigh!!!!!! Sounds great, well he was on this skate on this particular night!! Wo that accident was only 3 months ago and the operation was only 5 weeks ago!!! Well, some believ he was on drugs and some believe he had tripped.... over the other day and knocked his head...well actullay landed on his head whilst mountain biking!!! The trouble was, as Bill put it, being a motocross rider like Johnny be good Meyer, he knew that the full suspension cross country mountain bikes were short in the front fork length which results in a motocross rider riding a mountain bike going over the handlebars at the slightest obstruction on the mountain track!! Well thats true but a little late mate thanking you for the advice which in all sincerity was given with true love behind the terrible thought that arose out of the misty fog created by some losers who were letting off firecrackers on Sydney harbour thinking that they were competing with the New Years eve fireworks that cost the city 10 million buckeroos!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the skate began...............
ANd it was a wonderful skate...a little slow but great for the disabled skaters on the night.
Could somebody else fill in the rest of this report, I've gotta catch a plane to France and I am not joking....sorry I just looked at my watch. Lovs you all and thanks for the pityfull and descrimiating words of condolences regarding my knee reconstruction!!!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Johnny reconstruction Meyer

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