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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 13 November 2002 After an absolute record turn out for the Biggest City Skate EVER ! and a night when the skies were trying their hardest to open and wash our roads only a handfull of hardies turned out for a skate tonight.13 and Karl's 7yo daughter, Shannara. We sure did miss a few of you really regular regulars (Bradley, Mark, Ryan and I could go on). Only Carla has posted her excuse in the messages.

Bill had come all the way from Melbourne just for this skate and we were early even to the meeting place. We waited around until just after 9 to make sure that these were all the skaters who were coming and then decided to keep close to the City in case of a sudden downpour where we would have to make a dash for our cars.

We started up towards Martin Place but took the hill down Bent St to the Piano Building. Turning down Phillip St and doubling back, so the tailenders could just cross the road to catch up, we went up to Martin Place. We had a little play in here then Graham suggested we go to Central. So it was across to Castlereagh St and a stop at Bathurst St to let the traffic go so we could have an unhindered run all the way to Belmore Park at the bottom. Chris & Ivan left us at the top of Castlereagh St for a quick run up to Foveaux while the rest of us continued through the park and over to Central where we tried to take a short cut through the station out to Elizabeth St. It was not to be so and ended up being a long cut.

We came out in Elizabeth St on the other side of the road near the Eye Hospital and still had to skate up and across the road to get to the Central Tunnel. When the steps were finally clear we stomped & ran & crashed down and had a good security free run through here. No one seemed to listen to my exhortations to take it easy and make sure we had every detour through here and it was only Steve & I who went up the exit ramp in the first Plaza and had a couple of runs down the steps before we continued on to the next Plaza. Here we were able to take the escalator up to the top ready for the run down the ramp with a couple of little lips to launch off and then turn tight at the bottom and jump from the top of the steps back into the underpass. As we neared the end we were both goaded into jumping the yellow "slow me down dots" onto the tram tracks behind the University of Technology. We nearly made it too.

We found another ramp that took us down to Ultimo St and then up to Harris St. I thought we were a bit closer to Union St than we were so told everyone to just continue along Harris St until we got to Union St.

At the top of Union St and very close to the top of the Casino Hill I talked everyone into trying another route to the top of the Casino Hill I had found the week before. So rather than continuing along Harris St we headed straight towards Pyrmont Bridge and the Hotel. After a quick detour through a wrong turn we ended up regrouping on the corner at the Hotel. After telling everyone they had to keep together we headed straight down the hill towards the Casino and turned in underneath it through the bus lane which bought us out at the roundabout on the corner of the Casino. We continued back down this road, which felt a bit strange going in the opposite direction to what we usually go, until we came to the steps. Now everyone thought they knew where we were going from here but I still had a couple more shortcuts in mind. We only went up one flight of steps and were able to run down this nice new smooth Street and at the end everyone went to turn up the hill but we needed to continue along this pathway. After getting our adrenalin pumping with the barking dogs behind the house fences (were they cyber dogs?) we came to an opening between the houses which led to another smooth road with a park and some very old restored cottages. This bought us out onto Harris St just below the Pub ready for a quick assault on the Casino Hill.

As this was a first for a
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