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Phil A
Chatswood Skate Wed 23 Oct 2002 Ahhh, Chatswood Skate.

As the call went out last week for a Chatswood Skate I knew we were in for some fun but had to let everyone know not to be late so we can catch the train. After the email went our David let me know we had to meet at 8:45 so we could catch the 9:04pm train. Well, the email thing was down and Wed was fast approaching so I thought I could let things ride & we could get on whatever train came (if we decided to go at all). Bill & I did get there a little early and found out that there were people waiting at Chatswood so it was off to Wynyard we went. 9:19 was the train we caught and we even ran into a not-so-regular-regular going home from work (or was that the pub Stephanie?).

At Chatswood we weren't hassled by any Security even though we hung around there a bit. We had our Photo in front of the Station steps and then we were off.

As Phil T had a plan of going down through the new pedestrian plaza he was nominated to take the lead (and as always we had a good non stop run). We had a great run through here and then went back up through a couple of Car Parks and ended up at the Skate Bowl. It's a bit tricky trying to get a couple of runs in as the dark makes it really hard to see any skaters cutting across your path but some did show their style before we all took off up the street for our first quick downhill.

The run down Elizabeth St under the railway bridge into Hampden Road was a greta quick run and we didn't even stop at Artarmon Station but continued on another good downhill across the freeway towards Herbert St and St Leonards. Skirting around the Station we headed straight up the Pacific Highway to Crows Nest and then took a nice smooth quiet backstreet down to Falcon St.

It was a bit of a push up here to Neutral Bay but at the top Ben Boyd Road was waiting. What a great run this road is and was it the second or third turn that is a lot sharper than you realise ? Annalee & a couple of others stood on this corner as we shot by. Was this to warn us or dust themselves off after a spill ?

At the bottom we waited for the lights and had another quick run down Kurraba Road and the hard push up to Kirribilli. At the bottom of the Harbour Bridge everyone had a big rest waiting for the energetic to have a run down to Luna Park before the run to the City back over the bridge. Marty had a spectacular spill on the Bridge and took a bit of bark off in places where protective gear would have helped (and he was just bragging his pads didn't smell because he didn't wear anything. Karma?).

At Observatory Hill we bunched together for a Ski Hill run and then climbed the stairs for a run down Kent St for a run down to the lights. It was here my timing for the lights went all awry for the first time ever. Everyone asked how the timing went and as I explained you went just as the lights turned orange we had to wait for the lights to turn. We waited & waited while the lights stayed green so some of the i,patient ones decided to go. The lights stayed green for ages and eventually everyone had to relent and just come down.

We were standing around trying to agree whether to go straight to the Cargo Bar or have another couple of runs when someone looked at the time so we pumpkins had to run off home to our Fairy Godmother, or so we thought. When we got back to the van we had to search the undergrowth for our bags as someone had broken the window of Bill's van and taken everything out and spread it around the Domain. It seems that all they were after was cash and everything was found except some cash out of my wallet and of course Bill's broken window. We now have our voodoo dolls out and are planning a painful revenge.

It was not a good way to finish off the skate but the fantastic skate made the ending a bit more bearable. I hope you all had a good time.

Till next week.
Keep skating
Phil A

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