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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 16 October 2002 After a hot day for this time of the year the breeze came up to cool the night down ready for a perfect night of skating the streets of Sydney.

There were a few notable regulars who didn't make it though (and quite a few not-so-regular-now regulars) and what a great skate they missed. They must be resting up for the Biggest City Skate - EVER! Johnny is still out of the race and judging by his comments for the photos will be for some time and we were without David, resting from his knee twist from a couple of weeks ago. Bill & I actually made it to the meeting spot before 9:00 so everyone was raring to go.

Ryan wanted to go anywhere as long as we got a trip to the Bull in the Avillion Hotel so it was there we first went. I had to take some brochures back to the Van so we left everyone skating down Martin Place and caught up with them in Hyde Park. We did a non David loop of the park trying to get back to Castlereagh Street and got caught by a tractor blocking one of the paths. with a quick backtrack we got onto a path that took us straight to Park St. Here we had one of our first nice downhills down Castlereagh St to Liverpool St where only a few were game to skate right up to the big Bull and standing behind him you can see why I call him BIG. Isn't that right Annalee ?

Unfortunately where we wanted to go was uphill from the bull so we braced ourselves and skated straight up to the beginning of Oxford St. With very little catch up happening tonight we started straight off through the little lane off Wentworth St past Ben's and the Police Centre and up to Bourke St. That was a bit of a push up Campbell St but it still didn't warrant a break. It has been a while since we skated straight out Bourke St and once again it was a pretty fun & quick run. When we got to Phillip St (no, it is spelt wrong) Ryan said there was a better run along here rather than staying on the main road so off he went in the lead. I have no idea where we went but there were some nice smooth long runs and all of a sudden we popped out at Green Square. Carla decided she had had enough and jumped in someone's car without even saying goodbye and left Ryan to his own devices (or should that be vices?).

Still not knowing where we were it was left to someone to try and navigate us towards Newtown and we ended up on some more nice smooth runs before we just turned around and there was Redfern Station. Now how we got there was anyone's guess but I was lost. We had another smooth run and came out on King St in Newtown. Now I was back in more familiar territory. It wasn't far to Missenden Rd and through RPA to Parramatta Rd where Glenn skated across the road in front of a Paddy Wagon. He got away with that one.

I thought we could get to Glebe Point Rd through the back streets off Parramatta Rd rather than skating down to Pyrmont Bridge Rd and then uphill so we ventured "off piste" and found some more of those smooth downhill runs that bought us out at the intersection ready for a nice downhill under the bridge. I decided to wait for a break in the traffic rather than skating down with it and just as I was going under the bridge heard from behind a scraping of gravel as Anna hit the pavement pretty hard and fast. I quickly doubled back but found she had only hurt her pride (plus a bit of skin off her butt) and was able to get back up and catch up with the rest of the group. Catching up was pretty hard because they just kept going straight up to Harris St and when we got there all we saw were clean heels turning around the corner below but a couple of the early runners were soon back ready for another run.

Just as I was walking back up the stairs Bill came roaring past on his second run and I talked him into having a third with me on my second. We didn't want to skate up the hill so kept going along the newly opened road that bought us out nearly at the pub on Harris St. It is amazing how fast you can go
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