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Virgin Skate Report Wed 2 October 2002. Virgin Skate Report Wed 2 October 2002.

Another great Virgin skate I must say. Not too slow and not too full on. Just about right for the social bees like me.

Like all Virgin skates we headed over to Lady Macquarie’s chair. I didn’t do the loop this time. I stayed back and did my chat thing. Lazy me! I also practiced my turns.

We were missing Ryan tonight. The poor thing, sick in bed. We were also missing a few others. Johnny with his stuffed up knee. (hope your doing ok) Glenn in Canberra. Nick at work. Matt with his broken rib. (get better soon Matt) Missed you all heaps.

Once the first timers had finished their warm up we headed over to Hyde Park. You have to love this park, it’s the nicest place to skate. We were there for the longest time ever playing follow the leader with Dave. So much fun. We could have stayed there forever. But there were bigger and better things waiting out there for us.

We took off into the main streets of the city. Pitt Street is my favourite and that’s where we ended up going. Only once we got into the mall poor Dave slammed into a poll and hurt himself. Are you ok now Dave? So Dave went home and Phil took over as the leader. Phil took us into the little shopping centre off George Street with those cool cameras. That was sweet Phil. We haven’t done that in so long. After checking our selves out in those huge TVs we took off again. We played for a while in Martin Place before heading over to Wynyard Station. This has to be the best part of the night. Everyone loves it so much. I think I managed to do it 4 times. LOVE IT!!!!

Then we had a little play in our playground across from the station. You know, the one with the big circular concrete thing in the middle. lol. Phil took some pics of me Damien and Annalee trying to look cool skating on one leg.

After we finished playing and the other boys had finished their stair skating we headed back into the city and down to Darling Harbour. This is where we all split up. Some took off to the bar early, some went to play on stairs longer. I took off with Bradley and a couple of others for one last loop around town. We didn’t quite feel like stopping just yet.

We made it to the bar by about 11:45. Cool skate everyone.
One drink then home sweet home for me.
Thanks for skating me back to my car Bradley.

Well, see you all next week. I had a great night.

Biggest City Skate EVER !
After last years fantastic success for the 10th Anniversary skate where we got nearly 100 skaters on our Virgin Night we are going to do it again on the first Wed in November (6th Nov).
As with all Virgin Nights if it rains the skate will be postponed until the next dry Wed. So get your friends practising their skating & braking and bring them along. All you not so regular regulars get your skates out of the back of the cupboard, unsieze those bearings and come and join us. Lets see if we can get over 200 this year. It should be a cinch if we can get 75 for a normal Virgin Skate.

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