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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 18 Sep 2002 Skate Report Wed 18 September 2002

It was a nice spring night and Bill didn't make it but we had a good turn out for a run out to NSW University but I have no idea where we went.

We started out up Oxford St and with little waiting headed down Bourke St and up Albion St to Moore Park. Thinking we were about to hit the Bus Road for some fast runs I watched as everyone disappeared into the dark of the Park. I followed into the dark and found we were travelling along the path through Moore Park. We skirted around the playing fields and came back out on the Bus Road and wiated while everyone caught up.

This is where I became confused as to where we went but I think we went up past Randwick Racecourse and around NSW University. It was here that I was told "this is your street Phil" going back to another run out this way when I had a pretty big high speed stack. We ended back on Dowling St and crossed over to Bourke St ready for a run down Foveaux St.

A few hardy souls had more than 1 run down here while the rest waited at the Central Tunnel Steps. After a couple of goes on the steps everyone took off through the tunnel. Now I have told you thid before there are many fun runs here without going straight through. This is why Ben, Will & I got way behind because we skated behind the Security Guard had a run down the steps into the main plaza then skated around to the escalators up to the top of the central plaza. There is a jump over 3 steps leading into a run down the ramp back into the tunnel with a little step dropoff before you go through to the end of the tunnel. Everyone usually turns to the right here and misses out on a nice path with a couple of good sets of stairs on it.

By the time we got up to Harris St everyone had taken off and the streets were deserted. We thought this was because we dallied in the tunnel but later reports told of the truck with the blue & red lights on top lying in wait for errant skaters. We had no such problem and stopped for a couple of runs on the Light Rail Station steps before we hit the Casino Hill. At the bottom Ben told us that the shortcut back up the steps had been reopened so up we went for another run and found to our delight a nice smooth new road that led back to our starting point. Now that was worth it.

As we were now three we took another deviation through the back of the Casino before we ventured over Pyrmont Bridge to catch up with everyone at the Pontoon Bar. As we got to the escalators we met with those who were calling it a night and were on their way home. There were still a few at the Bar to have that cleansing drink with quickly before we all turned into pumpkins.

What a good skate. I hope everyone had a good time. Don't forget to "stop to smell the roses" and take in a few of the fun detours on our route. Thanks for those who lead it was fun.

Remember the BIGGEST CITY SKATE EVER ! on the first Virgin Night in November.

Hope to see you all next week.
Phil A

Biggest City Skate EVER !
After last years fantastic success for the 10th Anniversary skate where we got nearly 100 skaters on our Virgin Night we are going to do it again on the first Wed in November (6th Nov).
As with all Virgin Nights if it rains the skate will be postponed until the next dry Wed. So get your friends practising their skating & braking and bring them along. All you not so regular regulars get y
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