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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 11 Sep 2002 On a night when most people were staying inside worrying about the state of the World many Sydney Bladers decided to take matters in their own hands and get out there to make the World a much better place.

The ominous clouds sitting just off the coast didn't help much and I'm sure that is the reason the turn out was a bit less that we usually get nowdays. David asked which way we should go tonight and with those clouds hanging around we felt it best to stay fairly close to the City for a quick escape to our cars if the skies opened.

From the second meeting place (not!) we went straight down St Marys Road to Woolloomooloo where we went in 2 different directions before we regrouped. Around to the steps up to Victoria Street at the back of Kings Cross where we skated straight past the Cross to St Vincents Hospital. Without waiting too much for a catch up we then took off down McDonald St over the small bridge and up to the back of Paddington. After a few winding & twisting up & downhills around Paddo we ended up at the top of Oxford St opposite Centennial Park and at the top of Moore Park Road (which after our last venture up there we now know has a nice new, smooth asphalt surface).

It started out all grouped together but waiting for a break in the traffic spread everyone out again. At the end at Anzac Parade David decided to call it a night and left us to navigate our own way. When we decided to go straight to Foveaux St he decided to tag along until Central. A few hardy souls had more than 1 run down Foveaux and after we had regrouped we took off to Central Tunnel. Don't forget to take the loop run through here you can get a couple of stair rides and escalator back to the top of a nice run back down into the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel the call was for a run in Darling Harbour Car Park entering by the Powerhouse Museum ramp. So we headed up to Harris St and along to the Powerhouse. While we were waiting here it started to rain so we quickly headed into the covered ramp and then down into the Car Park. As we got into the car park a Security Guard called out to us "are you sheltering from the rain?". We told him we were then Johnny asked him for a tow with his Golf Buggy so he obliged and about 7 skaters skitched a ride for a lap of the car park where he tried to whip them off.

This is where it started to get interesting.

Thank heavens they have 2 lifts here. Filling both lifts we all met up at the top of the car park where we had to forgo the top floor as by now the rain was absolutely bucketing down. After a couple of circular runs and a few figure eights (3 ramps make it much more interesting) people were thinking of catching Cabs & Monorails back to their cars but a hardy few (15-20) stayed behind for a few runs.

Those few runs ended up being about 20 and conga lines, big bunch ups and fast pushes resulted in a few spills and grazes. you had to be there to hear the calls for Jump!, Turn Left, Turn Right and lots of calls in between which totally confused most but the front runners. It was great here because if you wanted a rest you just waited in the lift lobby until the next run and joined the ride to the top when you were ready. Carla also practised her new trick on the smooth lino and by the time we left she was doing some pretty good spins. There were quite a few spills tonight Robert-the-bruised hit the guard rail and bent his skate frame, Karl had (another) big spill that cut his eyebrow and made his eye very red, black & swollen nearly straight away. I know it is hard to stay upright when someone is hanging on to your waist and pulling your bodyweight in the opposite direction to the corner you are trying to negotiate but you guys will have to try a bit harder to stay up. Hope you eye has come down a bit since last night Karl.

This ended up being a very late night because we had the lift to take us back to the top and we all w
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