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Graham H
Skate Report 14th August 2002 Despite a poor weather outlook and cold windy conditions there was a solid rollup of around 30 starters. Good to see Tony back in action following his adventure with a substantial lamppost a few weeks back. Tony seems to have repaired remarkably well and looks almost normal with his temporary teeth in place, certainly looked a lot better when we visited him in RPA following the accident.

Also good to see Glen back after a long absence. The night was a bit short of ladies, Erica, Dee and Helen rolled up but a lot were missing , perhaps its just the winter weather.

Fearless leader Dave declared a half airport run, ie. out to Sydney Park and back through Newtown. Probably thought the grass hill in the Park would be good considering the drought conditions we have been having of late. Bill and company were running late as usual, so the night started with a diversionary tactic consisting of a short turn around the city blocks, delaying long enough for a catchup to take place.

The skate took the usual route out along College St. to Oxford St. then up the long hill to Taylors Square. A short break then a run out on Bourke Rd toward the direction of the Airport. This took us into the face of a nasty cold southerly wind, which soon convinced Dave there may be more enjoyable pursuits than battling up wind all the way to Sydney park. What followed was the following of an unfathomable circituitous route via the back roads of Waterloo and Alexandria, bringing us magically to the Australian Technology Park at Redfern. A quick blast around the carpark then up past the admistration block to a really excellent set of stairs, offered to us by the very friendly ATP security guard. Ben and others demonstrated varying degrees of mastery of the stair riding, Johnny at one stage managing to spread himself over the pavement with his truly unique style.

We then headed off over the rail bridge through Redfern and on to Abercrombie St. up the long but fairly easy hill towards Newtown. Ice creams etc. were consumed on the corner of King St. and Missenden Rd. and then, following warnings from Dave of the roundabout and other hazards the troops departed down the long hill towards Parramatta Rd. It always give me an odd feeling passing this way, as we go right under the cardiac intensive care ward at RPA where not too long ago I had an arterial stent inserted. It still seems to be working OK touch wood. (If the ward staff could see me they’d probably think I’m mad).

Further along Missenden Rd. we caught some agro from some young hoods trying to run skaters off the road in a small hatchback (a thankfully very rare event). They then attempted to start a fight. If this sort of thing happens again remember we have strength in numbers, if its you under attack, call in the reinforcements, likewise if someone else is being monstered, be there to assist.

Crossing Parramatta Rd. we proceeded up Bridge Rd. to Glebe Point Rd. for the usual big fast downhill under the rail bridge to the Sydney Fish markets. This time round there were no red flares to attract the constabulary. This was followed by a run through Pyrmont, up that rickety god-awful set of back stairs, expecting a run down the long fast hill to the Anzac bridge approaches. No go as it appears the road is blocked off, under repair. It could do with a resurfacing job, so maybe we are in for a treat in a few weeks time. A call came in from Phil Askew who is suffering the severe snow conditions in Perisher valley (lucky sod), which is why this report is not accompanied by pretty pictures. We made the usual high speed run down the Harris St skill hill. On through the Casino driveway, without trouble from the security guards, across the Pyrmont Bridge finally finishing at the Pontoon bar for a well earned drink.

Graham H

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