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Johnny Be Good Meyer
Awesome skate for the Wednesday Night 17th July 2002 although tarnished by the real dangers associated with inline skating! Please Read! This particular night was clean and crisp with the cold winds originating from the artic wintery snows of the Australian Alps..oopps I mean Hills!

Unfortunately before we brief you on the skate itself we have terrible news of an accident that occurred towards the end of the skate. We have enjoyed the company of Anita and Tony this year on many a skate. They have moved here for a few years from the United States. Last night on the skate hill from the Observatory, Tony impacted with a pole and has facial and body injuries. Firstly we all pray and hope that he will recover 100%. He has split his eyebrow down to the nose and broken his nose. He has a few loose teeth and a chipped tooth. He pierced his hip with his keys and bruised his shoulder. He was stiched up as best as possible last night and we really have to thank George who assisted all the way to the Hospital and informed Anita whom was having a night off from the skate.

Today, Thursday, he is being looked at by dental and plastic surgeons. But it is also important that all those participating in the Sydney City skate take on a new responsibility for the good of the skate and the reduction in the future of more accidents occuring. Lets face it though, this is and can be potentially a very dangerous sport. So also can crossing the road. If you simply don't look left, right then left again you could be crippled for life or even killed by a car!! Well rollerblading is increasing the risks associated by being on the road with cars and speed is definitely a big factor. Any obstacles on the road or footpath can bring you down and the faster you are going the more damage there can be, although just being unlucky can result in a more damaging crash by hitting something directly or in a sensitive part of the body.

So whats this all about? Well for starters knowing your own abilities is very important... being able to control the type of speed you are doing or how close you are to the person in front of you or whether you are looking beyond them for obstacles or whether they will have to stop suddenly etc. Being able to break effectively or slowing down, then changing direction to avoid something etc. The gear you wear is very important. When Dick Osborne crashed hard hitting his head on the ground and cracking his skull over a year ago I vowed never to skate without a helmut again and I crashed at 50km/hr 2 and half months ago slamming my head into the ground but not getting injured.
So what's good gear? Helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads should cover you pretty well.

So we all are, I am pretty sure, thinking of Tony and also Anita at this time and I know that he would want everyone to learn a little from this, no good if its all for nothing. We all love to skate but we can do without injury if we can! Tony unfortunately was on the footpath and we think his skates caught in a grill then he hit the pole sending him onto a tree then onto the ground.

So going back to the start of the night Phil T lead the skate up Macquarie Street where we met the rest of the skaters who were too bloody lazy to skate down to the palace gates and meet up with the rest of us! We then made our way through the park then back to the Cathedral and through Hyde Park.

We then made our way down through the city and back up through Martin place and then down to circular key. We went around the harbour under the bridge and then strangely up the grass. We headed toward the stairs up to the walkway then over the harbour bridge and our goal was Ben Boyd Road. We came out at Milsons point, through to North Sydney, up Miller street and onto Militay rd then finally to the top of Ben Boyd. This was good…very good and it showed that most of the skaters on the Sydney City Skate could actually skate well almost most! The hill has one tight corner where many a skater has come unstuck but in this instance only Mr America Pants left his s
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