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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 10 July 2002 It was another nice winters night in Sydney and tonight we had a good crew ready for a big skate. There was a lot of talk about where we were going to go tonight and someone suggested the Eastern Suburbs way that David had taken us on before. Phil said he knew the way so off we went with him in the lead.

When we continued straight up Oxford St I realised that we weren't going over the bridge behind St Vincents and when we skated through Bondi Junction I knew we were in for a hard slog, but what great downhills. Thanks Phil for a really good run and those downhills were great.

So through Bondi Junction we went without slowing and ended up waiting for the group to catch up at the top of Birriga Rd. I now know the name of this great downhill & I was sweating with anticipation of the great downhill to come (or was that the uphill just finished ?).

It would be a good time to mention that we had a couple of newbies who hadn't been on a big City Skate before. Skye had been on a Virgin Skate and Daniel had only been skating for a few weeks and neither had brakes on. What a great job you guys did of keeping up tonight.

When we got to the bottom we waited in vain for that girl in the Volvo to give us a ride back up but no luck, but just across the road while we were standing there hitching Phil was talking to the local constabulary. Probably a good thing we didn't get a lift ! As the constables left we followed down O'Sullivan Rd which was a nice gentle downhill/flat run to New South Head Rd. Now this was a nice fun steep downhill and it is also the point where I usually get lost, so not to be outdone I lagged behind and ended going up (and I really mean UP) through Double Bay. By the time we realised that the lead group were not in front it was too late to double back so we arranged for a rendezvous across at Rushcutters Bay. This gave us another fun downhill run down a couple of unknown streets (for me anyway). When we got to the Park we were unsure which way everyone went but saw moving shadows on the park footpath so away we went and joined the group.

Up a set of steps and then a steep uphill to Macleay St at Kings Cross where we regrouped at the El Alemein Fountain and then set off along the main drag of the Cross. At the end we crossed to a small lane that lead us to Brougham St which is a nice steep one way (the other way) all the way to Woolloomooloo. At the bottom it was decide to finish with a cleansing drink at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel although a few hardy souls decided to skate over to Harris St and find the steps to the Light Rail Station that Ben had shown me last week. Hope you guys found them and had a good time.

What a great skate tonight's was. Many thanks to Phil for leading us on a pretty good (leg burning) run. Maybe my legs would have held out a bit more if I hadn't taken the wrong uphill turn at Double Bay.

It was good to see Skye & Daniel at the finish, you did really well guys and we hoped you enjoyed yourselves.

Hope everyone had a good skate and we see you all again next week.

Keep skating.
Phil A

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