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Phil A
Skate Report Wed 26 June 2002 It was another big Footy night on the box and a smaller than usual crew turned up tonight for a quiet City Skate. David, Phil T and Bill were all away so Ryan ably took the lead tonight. What a great run Ryan.

First it was across to Martin Place where everyone skated straight through without taking in the joys of a few jumps and steps. Then up George St to Wynyard where we did a run through to York St and then up to Park St where we skated straight up to Hyde Park. Ryan did want to skate through the QVB but I had been bailed up there before and said I would meet him at the other end so we skipped that. Without David tonight we skated pretty well straight through the Park and waited at Oxford St for Johnny (come lately) to arrive. Good to see you here Johnny even though you were still injured now you can take our best wishes with you to Isabelle.

At the bottom of Oxford St there was a bit of a discussion as to whether we go straight up Oxford St or the downhill laneway around the Police HQ and up to Bourke St. Ben warned us all of the pothole in the road and with that in mind we took to the lane. Stopping the traffic so all could get a good run down & back up the small uphill made it a bit easier for the uphill skate up Hunt St to Bourke St. We stopped for a very quick drink stop here and then it was off to Foveaux St.

There was still a bit of traffic at Foveaux St and we ended a bit spread out as people took their chances with the traffic (& TAXIS). No time to regroup at the bottom as we all took off to Central Tunnel where we did wait for the stragglers while a few had fun on the steps. Off through the tunnel where once again all the unadventurous skated straight through without tasting the fun of the steps and ramp, with an up escalator to the top. the tunnel took us straight through to the back of the University of Technology then we skated up to Harris St. Thinking we were going to skate along here to the Casino run a few called out to take the back street but the Casino was not what Ryan had in mind.

At the Powerhouse Museum we quickly regrouped (was the group getting smaller ?) and then took off down the ramp to the Darling Harbour Parking Station. Another call to those ahead that they had gone past the entrance was again miscalled because those in the know were going to the Lift to the top. Those who skated up the ramps still beat them to the top as the lift didn't go all the way. There was a small starting barrier ready for everyone to line up for the quick run down hill and everyone took off nearly all at once. What a fun ramp run this was right to the dead end at the bottom where we were able to get through the fence. As we were a small group (and getting smaller. People seemed to drop off without saying goodbye.) Ryan felt we could skate through Darling Harbour without getting hassled and he was right. We ended up at the end of Pyrmont Bridge waiting for the lights to take us over to Harris St.

No hanging around here and as soon as the lights changed we were off up to Harris St and then to the top of the Casino run. Standing around at the Pub on the corner I felt a bit left out as all the blokes seemed to take the big run from up John St and came screaming around the corner into Harris St. With no hope of catching up I followed with the rest of the group and nearly got tangled with Helen as we came around the fast corner into Pirrama Rd (didn't know it was called that did you!). As we came past the second-run-shortcut-steps Ryan exhorted us to keep going as there were still some fun bits to go. We had to call out the unlucky few who skated ahead as they had missed the turnoff for the Casino car park. This bought us back out at the bottom of the hill up to Pyrmont Bridge where I spied a great looking set of stairs going to the back of the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. I tried to call some others up here but they all skated past. Just as I was about to try & ride them a S
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